‘We are both builders, and knew for some time that we wanted to get involved with the construction industry at a different level.  We came across the Green Homes franchise opportunity and thought it looked like a great fit.  The company message fits right in with how we both feel about better quality building practices becoming the norm going into the future.  The support we’ve had has been awesome, the back office has helped the setup immensely along with social media and marketing expertise which is critical in establishing a presence in a competitive market.

The reaction to Green Homes in our area has been amazing, and we have had lots of enquiries simply because of the quality of our branding, it just really stands out.  Match this with the way we build houses and it really is a great formula.’

Jamie Glover & Andrew Menzies

Green Homes – Queenstown

“After previously being a project manager for one of the largest construction companies in Australia I was sick of doing all the work and not being on the receiving end of the profit. I wanted to launch my own business and could see that Green Homes would really stand out in my market. Green Homes Illawarra is now one of the leading new home builders in my area.”

Josh and Donna Check
Green Homes – Illawarra

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“I’d been building in Canberra for a long time but never managed to break into the market as much as I wanted to. Green Homes was an opportunity for me to break through the competition. Now I’m getting more enquiries, better quality enquiries and with the support of the Green Homes sales team I’m building more homes than ever.”

John and Elle Cobanov
Green Homes – ACT

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“I’ve built a number of homes for clients from various parts of the world that have high expectations for energy efficiency in their homes and really enjoyed learning about that aspect of building and knew I wanted to focus on green building and didn’t know where to start until I met the team from Green Homes.”

Steve Bain
Green Homes –  Sydney North

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“My wife and I were working together in the business when she saw Green Homes and suggested we get in contact with them. We met the head office team and immediately knew this was the right direction for us. The team from head office were knowledgable, enthusiastic and have given so much assistance to support and grow my business.”

David Hawkins
Green Homes –  Albury Wodonga

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“We joined Green Homes in 2013 after a few years trying to grow our business in our local area, however we were looking for faster growth and a support network of systems and tools to help us grow faster and increase profits.”

Daniell and Troy Vardanega
Green Homes – South East NSW

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