Want to know why we started the Green Homes Australia Franchise? We sat down and interviewed Mick Fabar, a builder who transformed his local construction business into a leading international energy efficient home building company. He explains the motivation for providing this opportunity to builders across Australia and New Zealand.

Mick Fabar has been a Green Builder for over a decade now and knows first-hand how building Green Homes can completely transform your whole building business for the better and never look back!

GHA: Mick, why did you first decide to build Green Homes? 

Mick: I’d been asked to do two display homes in a new development in Orange NSW. At this stage I was a builder just like any other, building homes the way I’d been taught by the builders before me. Anyway, my wife Sophie actually said to me “why don’t you build something energy efficient?” Like most builders, I had it in my head that building a sustainable home was both difficult and expensive, and at first, I put my typical Tradie hat on and headed towards what I was comfortable with, but my wife persisted so I started to do some research. 8 months later I had built two very efficient homes, both attaining a 7.5-star rating each – it was the beginning of a new era for my business.

GHA: How did you find all the information you needed to do that? 

Mick: To be honest, this was in 2006 and I was shocked at how little information was out there for builders to learn how to build energy efficient homes. I had to work really hard to gain access to the information I needed to build those two homes. The marketplace was and still is, set up in a way that makes sustainable information very accessible to the consumer but not to the builder. The biggest challenge I found was finding true and usable information that could help me construct a green home. After extensive research using hundreds of resources, I had found the information I needed and gained a firm understanding of Green Building Principles and was able to incorporate them in any build I worked on and achieve amazing results with relative ease.

GHA: How did becoming a Green Builder change your life? 

Mick: Prior to those first two truly sustainable homes I built in 2006, my business was travelling along quite well. I was building a lot of homes and generating a pretty good reputation, but I was still losing jobs here and there to the competition like all builders do. Since I became a Green Builder, the number of jobs I have won has gone up exponentially and for the most part I put that down to two things: the first being that energy costs have really increased significantly year on year (with no sign of those increases dropping off), consumers are concerned about their rising costs and want to build something that is energy efficient and is going to help them save them money. Secondly, being able to say to a potential customer that you can build them an energy efficient home that’s better than any other, they’re building something unique, it’s built to withstand energy price increases and at the end of the journey, they own a home that is IS050001 internationally certified for its energy efficient design and construction.

GHA: Why would you recommend a builder to become a GHA Green Builder? 

Mick: The best part of becoming a Green Homes Australia franchisee is having the support of a recognised industry body behind you, and being part of an organisation that looks out for you. Green Homes Australia provides you with all the systems you may possibly need to run a successful building business. They have over 80 pre-designed energy efficient homes to offer to their customers or if your customers require a custom-designed home, you can draw upon the services of GHA’s in-house design team to create a unique energy efficient concept design that can be turned around in a matter of days. By joining GHA, you also are seen as the Green Building expert and that expertise is something we see customers seeking daily. We have customers ready to build a Green Home in your area. But finally, we provide a culture that wills you to succeed and we will be by the builders side to see that their business grows to become the best building company in their area.

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