Green Homes Australia is looking for a builder to service the Shepparton area to service the customers who contact us looking to build a Green Home on a weekly basis!

Green Homes Australia provides internationally accredited custom-designed and pre-designed energy efficient homes to customers all across the country.

Benefits for you:

  • Get consistent leads all year round from qualified customers who are looking to build and will be easy to work with.
  • Avoid price wars with a product none of your competitors is able to offer in your market.
  • Get systems and training that will help your business grow to be the best in your area.
  • Build more homes and grow your business to a new level.

Are you sick of having to quote low to win jobs? Tendering against 4 or 5 other builders every time? Sick of your work being reduced to price alone? GHA Builders all achieve secure market share and business growth in their first year thanks to a business model that is easy to incorporate into your business with:

  • 2nd and 3rd home buyers with bigger budgets.
  • A desire to build a more premium home.
  • Customers who are very interested in building an energy efficient home.

In 2017, every Australian wants to build a home that uses less energy. GHA’s business system allows you to effectively promote this message, provide a sales process to manage leads more effectively, and delivers design services ensuring you can build the homes that your customers want.

For a confidential conversation, please call Josh Hughes on 1300 724 661 or 0400 027 797, or alternatively please fill in the contact form.

Green Homes Australia is looking for a builder to build energy efficient homes in Ballarat Victoria. We have customers ready to build Green Homes but we need a builder to service that demand.
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Green Homes Australia need builders in Shepparton to service the increasing demand for Green Homes in the area.
  • 28 July 2017
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Your success is our ultimate goal, and the GHA Advisory Board includes the best industry leaders ensuring your businesses growth into the future.
  • 20 July 2017
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