Are you looking to grow your building business, but find your management and financial systems aren’t sturdy enough or getting you to where you want to be? Here’s how a franchise can help you.

Many builders dream of growth. Maybe you are one of them?

Business growth can bring certainty of income, more profit, personal satisfaction and the opportunity to get ‘off the tools’. It might even make your business more saleable. But it isn’t always easy to achieve.

To achieve these bigger goals, a business needs stronger financial systems than a small one. But there’s often not enough time (or money) to put these in place.

That’s where joining a franchise can help.

Franchising isn’t just for brand new business owners. The systems and practices in a franchise can help an established business grow and make money.

You might associate franchises with brands and marketing. That’s certainly part of what attracts people to them. But a good franchise goes beyond that, to provide help in the business and financial management area. In fact, this is one area most small business owners are looking for help!

5 things successful franchisees do

In any franchise group, there’s a range of results, but franchises have helped many people achieve their goals. Still, it takes more than having a good brand and lots of leads.

From working with franchise owners we’ve identified 5 things successful owners do:

  1. Write down their business goals, including financial goals.
  2. Make sure their financial records are up to date and accurate.
  3. Understand the cash flow of the business and proactively manage it (so they can pay their bills!).
  4. Monitor their financial results against their plan.
  5. Look for ways to improve – and implement them!

These might seem obvious, but in most small business these things don’t happen.

However, in a good franchise, these practices are ‘part of the system’. Franchisees then have the confidence to take on more work, and the financial systems to help deliver good profits.

And the good news…? These are areas we are working on with Green Homes Australia. Which means you can benefit from them too.

Smart Franchise & Green Homes Australia

Smart Franchise helping Green Homes Franchise - Kate Groom

We help Green Homes Australia skill up their franchisees so they can grow and make money. Our aim is that franchisees feel confident with the numbers and have good information at their fingertips. Our work helps new franchisees get set up right from the start, so they can build on solid financial foundations.

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