With Green Homes New Zealand you can turbo charge your business with industry leading homes and systems designed to ensure you’re always ahead of your competitors. Grow your business exponentially with an offer that can’t be beaten and business systems designed to keep you safe.

Access market leading systems for estimating, project management, accounting, sales, marketing and much more.

Generate more leads than you’ve ever experienced from customers looking to build better homes with better budgets.

Grow a business with genuine prospects and resale value. With a Green Homes New Zealand franchise, your success is our goal to achieve.

Plug into a brand that has a positive public image and national reach. Overtake your competitors with a polished market-leading brand.

What does it cost to buy a Green Homes New Zealand Franchise?

The up-front cost starts from $40,000 subject to the region you are looking to purchase. This initial investment is all-inclusive and you will receive exclusive region rights, a launch marketing fund, exclusive green building and sales training courses plus access to our large existing design suite and custom design team.

How long does it take to get business set up and operating?

This is entirely up to you and could take anywhere between a month to six months. All you require in the start up phase is a late model white coloured vehicle, phone, LPB licence and a desire to succeed. We have a database of potential customers for your area. We can help fill the gaps where required for example, if you haven’t got access to business accounting we can provide that service for you. We will help and advise you in growing your business, hiring staff and opening an office.

What staff are compulsory when starting a Green Homes New Zealand Franchise?

All we require for you to start your Green Homes New Zealand Franchise is a LPB licence and a bookkeeper. We have an internal sales team on hand to assist you until you’re ready to hire your own Salesperson and an estimating team on hand to help you with estimating and quoting your first projects.

Do I have to have a display home and office straight away?

We understand that it takes a little while to find your feet upon joining Green Homes New Zealand, and when the time comes to source a location for a display office we’ll be able to assist you in finding the best spot in your region.

Am I only able to build Green Homes New Zealand pre-designed energy efficient homes?

We are a design and build service. We currently have over 80 energy efficient home designs on hand for your customers to choose from and we also offer a custom design service, which has proved to be extremely popular. Our clients are also able to bring their own designs for quoting and construction and we can have the expertise to make their home as energy efficient as possible.

Can I do my own building work and keep that separate to Green Homes New Zealand building work?

We understand that you may have a number of pre-existing projects underway prior to joining Green Homes New Zealand and on joining we’ll ask you to provide an exempt works list, excluding these projects from Green Homes New Zealand fees.

Am I required to work in the business full-time?

For the best chance of successfully launching Green Homes New Zealand in your area we advise that you be prepared to work on your business full time. This will help you grow your business and learn the Green Homes New Zealand Systems much faster and utilise them to their full potential.

Is training provided?

Green Homes New Zealand offers training as and when required at our Auckland and Christchurch Head Offices. Onsite training tends to be and agreed process on an as required basis, not limited to the following: Sales, HR, QS, legal, build supervision, marketing and business structure.

What experience is required to join?

Whether you’re a new and emerging builder trying to break into the market, an established builder finding it difficult to transition into new homes, or a builder looking to be part of your community and build better homes, we want you! All you need is a LPB licence, some experience and a drive to grow a successful and financially healthy business.

Do I get a region when I join Green Homes New Zealand?

On joining Green Homes New Zealand you will receive an exclusive region, no other Green Homes New Zealand builder can build in your region and any enquiries received are immediately passed on to you.

Do I need a builder's licence?

If you don’t have a builders licence you would be required to employ a licenced builder and they would have to undergo interviewing by the Green Homes New Zealand Head Office prior to employment to ensure they are the best fit for your business.

How are Green Homes New Zealand Franchisees selected?

Each prospective builder goes through an approval process prior to joining Green Homes New Zealand as a franchisee. This process begins with an introduction to Green Homes New Zealand and the tools, systems and training we offer our franchisees. Following this we ask that you complete an application form and consider a face to face meeting with the team at the Green Homes New Zealand Head Office prior to signing contracts.

What are the ongoing fees?

As a Green Homes New Zealand franchisee you will pay a 4% Royalty Fee based on the total value of contracts signed. We do not charge a monthly fee, and payments only begin when you begin invoicing clients.

How is Green Homes New Zealand different to other franchise systems?

We have proven systems and support in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Building Operations and Business Growth, however what the others can’t offer you is the opportunity to stay ahead of the pack by offering the most in demand product in the building industry today – energy efficient homes.

By joining Green Homes New Zealand you become part of a select group of builders both in New Zealand and internationally to become specialised and have the exclusive right to build internationally certified energy efficient homes.

What kind of return can I expect from the franchise?

We give you all the tools you need to grow and build a financially successful business and have established key partner and supplier relationships to ensure you get better than competitive pricing. Our team at the Green Homes New Zealand Head Office are on hand to help you ensure you are running a profitable business and we have builders operating under the Green Homes New Zealand banner that are averaging between 18 and 28% profit on each home.