Build the Best Homes in
New Zealand.

Become the only builder in your area able to exclusively build internationally accredited energy efficient homes.

IS050001 is an exclusive accreditation Green Homes New Zealand have achieved so that our Green Builders are recognised as the only builders in New Zealand able to design and construct Internationally accredited energy efficient homes. It is the highest level of energy efficiency accreditation achieved by a building company in New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. What does that mean for you? By becoming a Green Homes New Zealand Builder, you will be the only builder in your area able to certify the design and construction of energy efficient homes to an International Standard. ISO50001 will help you future-proof your business and become the best and most-in demand builder in your area.

Be a part of what we believe is the best building company in New Zealand

Join a supportive, enthusiastic team with a drive to make Green Homes New Zealand the best building company in the country.

Better customers building better homes

Our customers are the best customers you could work with. Open your building business up to a new market and enjoy every minute of the Green Homes New Zealand Building Process.

Fast track your business’ growth with Green Homes New Zealand

When you join Green Homes New Zealand, you’re making a choice for a better future. You can open your business up to a market that is in-demand and will make you the best builder in your area.

Create a better building business for your future

Your journey to fast and sustainable business growth is a simple process and will future-proof and rocket-boost your business into the future.

Your customers are waiting to build Green Homes

You have customers ready and waiting to build our exclusive internationally accredited Green Homes in your area. Start building better homes today!

When you join the Green Homes New Zealand team, you will benefit from all our Business Management Systems, tools and programs we have developed and rolled out across out network nation-wide. These methods are tried and tested, proven to be a driving force in our builders’ success.

What you get when you join Green Homes New Zealand:

The Green Homes Brand is instantly recognisable…

Become part of an internationally recognised brand. Green Homes is well known throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally and tells your clients that you are part of a professional and leading edge team building energy efficient homes.

Build the best energy efficient homes in New Zealand…

All homes designed and built by Green Homes New Zealand are ISO 50,001 certified, a standard that no other builder in New Zealand is able to offer. This ensures our homes not only perform to the highest standard of energy efficiency.

Access to energy efficient home design suites…

Green Homes New Zealand has over 80 homes in our range designed to suit every market and client across New Zealand available to you, however we also understand that no two sites and no two clients are the same and as such we have our own Green Homes Design Team on hand to modify and custom design to suit every site and client.

Systems and Support…

We have a range of tools and systems for our franchisees that have been developed over the years in conjunction with our builders to meet real life scenarios. Among these tools and systems are client management tools, quoting and estimating software, accounting packages and support.

Successful Sales Approach…

Green Homes New Zealand has developed a sales approach based on proven techniques and experienced salespeople based in the Head Office to assist you in your early discussions and help you convert enquiries into new homes.

Track Record of Success…

The Owners of Green Homes New Zealand have been operating successfully in the building industry for over 30 years.  Green Homes Australia have operated for over 20 years in Australia and has developed a business that works and produces fast results. Proving our product to be robust, increasingly in demand and impossible for others to duplicate.


Green Homes New Zealand offers training as and when required at our Auckland and Christchurch Head Offices. Onsite training tends to be and agreed process on an as required basis, not limited to the following: Sales, HR, QS, legal, build supervision, marketing and business structure.

Unwavering Support…

You’re not alone when you’re building and running your business, and you can always call on experienced people when you hit a rough spot or want to share new ideas for growing the business.

Innovative Marketing Strategy…

Green Homes has marketing assistance to provide you with proven tools and strategies for attracting and retaining customers. As a Green Homes New Zealand franchisee, the Marketing team are always available to action any campaigns needed to keep your phone ringing.

Add value to your business…

Green Homes New Zealand is just establishing in this market, however, Green Homes Australia has proven franchise offers fantastic resale opportunities especially to the builders who establish the business in the area. The business is purchased at its lowest possible rate, then any word or progression made just adds to its market value.

Office set up Advice…

Green Homes New Zealand provides all stationary and business systems to make your life easier. Green Homes New Zealand has all marketing material you need.

Buying Power…

Green Homes New Zealand takes advantage of its growing network of builders by helping secure buying power across multiple suppliers. As part of the group, you can access these rates and better increase your profit margins.

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